Ether Gas Price Vs Gas Limit

Today I bought an NFT piece of art from my brother – a generative Ensō. I minted #198. It’s cool.

Being my first high priced Ether (ETH) smart contract, I was surprised by the fees. I’m used to blockchain transactions that are inexpensive. Anything over a couple dollars annoys me. Paying $25 – $100 as a transaction fee seemed ridiculous. Regardless, I needed to dig in to see what’s going on. That’s when I fell down a deep DeFi rabbit hole, and came out understanding how gas prices and gas fees work on the Ethereum network. It’s actually pretty simple.

Coin Market Cap Explained

A company’s market cap changes constantly as the current share price changes, or as the company issues or retires shares. Simple, right? Unfortunately it is not as simple for crypto coins.


Cardano is like Ethereum on steroids, except smarter, faster, and doesn’t require tons of power for mining coins. It’s a fully decentralized proof-of-stake crypto currency that is completely open source.

Data Disaster Recovery Plan – File Backup

A data disaster recovery plan is more than a data backup. It is what you set up before a problem occurs with your data so you can get back to how things were asap. A backup strategy is an important step. It is not the only step, but it’s a good place to start. Below is walk-through of how to use a free program to backup your data. Before we begin with this tutorial, you’ll need these things:

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Midnight Dinosaurs

Here are 9 things you should know about midnight dinosaurs: They swallow humans whole They come out at midnight They hunt humans They are invisible They are bigger than a 20 foot big castle They come from deep dark rivers and caves They are 100 years old They first came from normal dinosaurs. They hid … Read more