Schematics & Manuals

This page has a lot of guitar amplifier and distortion pedal schematics on it. A lot! Use it as a reference. It’s all laid out in a very large, 1-page table. I suggest the searching by manufacturer to get to the right part of the page.

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Peavey Ultra & Ultra Plus

The Peavey Ultra was first made in the early 90’s. The updated version, the Ultra Plus was made from 1995 – 2001. In-depth review of the amp with pictures Additional reviews that are shorter but give alternating opinions Pictures of the inside of a Peavey Ultra Plus (Tubes & PCB) Download the Peavey Ultra Plus … Read more

Basic Tube Amps: Class A vs AB

Basic Tube Amps: What is a Class A tube amp and how does it differ from a Class AB? Randall Smith, founder of Mesa Engineering explains the key differences plus a lot more about the basic operations of tube amps. A must read for anyone wanting to know how the various classes work.