Of course Doge! Because why not Doge?
Only Doge? No. Cardano, Ethereum, Pi, and for old times sake Litecoin.

Wait, you’re serious?!

Yes. How can a deflationary asset be used by more than a handful of early adopters or rich people? I’m looking at you Bitcoin. And have you tried to use bitcoin for anything ‘normal’ or useful? Do you really want to pay more transaction fees than a lunch of actual food costs?

Ethereum I’ll give a pass for now since it has programmable, smart contracts going for it. Paying a lot for a transaction is more worth it since it can do so much more. But even its days are numbered as the #2 coin. Cardano has a good chance of leapfrogging Ether.

Pi is unique. A pyramid scheme for sure. But a fair scheme for initial coin offering. It’s an invite only system though. If you want in, here you go: Mine Pi It might moon or fizzle. I don’t care either way because it’s easy and fun. Plus it’s a new approach that sidesteps the typical cryptographic mining approach that wastes power (sorry Litecoin, that includes you).

Doge Has Legs

You can do your own research on Doge and decide if it is a meme or legitimate coin. Spoiler alert: it’s both. Transactions are fast, inexpensive, and fun. Bitcoin transactions are none of those things. Inflationary coins are the only ones that can stand the test of time if their purpose is to be useful in commerce. Hey, it’s working for the US Dollar. That replaced gold and silver coins (again, sorry Litecoin! I do still love you).

If you don’t believe me, then I urge you to immediately dispose of your Doge here.